Rachael’s first book, Good Girls Do Swallow, is published by Random House Penguin and is an autobiographical look into the world of eating disorders and body image. The book was published in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Germany and inspired the documentary of the same name on Foxtel’s The Lifestyle Channel. 

Her second book Anything She Can Do I Can Do Better, also with Random House Penguin, explores female competition. Rachael travelled the world to interview over 50 high profile women in this in-depth look at turning competition from destructive to constructive.



Rachael has also contributed chapters to three anthologies.

John Marsden’s I Believe This (Penguin) – 100 Eminent Australians face life’s biggest question.

Jacinta Tynan’s Some Girls Do (Allen & Unwin) – my life as a teenager.

Tamara Steward and Jenny Valentish’s Your Mother Would Be Proud (Allen & Unwin) – true tales of mayhem and misadventure.